More than 300 people have signed a petition to keep a Northampton shop in their community.

Double Cross Street in news again … the email below as been sent (31 January) to NORTHAMPTON Partnership Homes … will give report back after Tuesday 2nd February

Little Cross Street Shop – Request that NPH give update to Tenants’ Panel

Mr Kay

I was very surprised by this, (my current understanding is) the NPH Major Projects SIP were taken on a tour of new projects on Wed 20th January, including Little Cross St, And were told specifically by Geoff Prior that this shop would be relocated nearby.

Mrs Patel (according to press article) heard about the latest scenario on Wednesday (27th January)

In light of the press coverage, I would ask that Mr Prior give the Tenants Panel a full update on the situation on Tuesday 2nd February

Mr Norman Adams

Council Tenant


Save Our Shop v1

More than 300 people have signed a petition to keep a Northampton shop in their community.

Jaya Patel has run Nicky’s News shop in Little Cross Street, Spring Borough, for more than 17 years and was preparing to move further down the road as buildings on the street near demolition as part of the area’s regeneration.

But she has now learned that landlords Northampton Borough Council does not intend to transfer the business as planned and that she will have to close altogether.

She said: “Residents on the local forum agreed to these plans for the area because they had a shop included.

“It seems like they have forgotten the agreement and are now changing the plans. It feels very sneaky.”

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