Northampton Defend Council Housing 2012

Email: dch.northampton@gmail.com

Phone: 07843930219

You can help the campaign to keep the council housing

  • Offer to deliver our material in your local area, we will supply you with address list of the council owned property
  • Help with the cost of the campaign banking details at bottom
  • PUT a HANDS OF OUR HOMES poster in your window
  • Vote NO in the ballot

Please pay to:

Sort Code 40-35-04 Account Number: 52473011
Account name Northampton Defend Council Housing

History The Northampton – Defend Council Housing (NDCH) tenant led campaign group was formed in 2004 to fully support the aims and objectives of the national Defend Council Housing (DCH) campaign demanding the ‘Fourth Option’ direct investment in decent, secure, and affordable council housing as an alternative to the government’s three privatisation options, by stock transfer, PFI or ALMO, to enable local authorities to respect the choice of their tenants and bring all homes up to at least the government’s Decent Homes Standard by 2010 and also build a new generation of decent, affordable and secure council homes for rent, accountable to an elected local authority landlord, and to give a clear commitment to defend the lifelong secure tenancy that council tenants enjoy and uphold the right of everyone who needs or wants to rent public housing to do so without time limit or means testing so that council housing can again become a tenure of choice and council estates can once again be a place that people are proud to live in.

National information can be found at



2 Responses to About

  1. I thought it was quite sad but not unexpected of NBC when I asked the Housing Officer for my area, Spring Boroughs, why a block of flats has been left empty for so long and the essential repairs- to build a walkway (not the Brunel Bridge just a new walkway) are not underway.

    I understand the block of flats attached to Nickys newsagents on Little Cross Street were done up with the new double glazing and outside insulation/rendering that a lot of council blocks had done last year.

    The block was later emptied out this year when the external walkway to the 1st floor flats was deemed unsafe. The walkway has been demolished. Now its just left abandoned. Lots of empty flats that could be rented out are just empty.

    The housing officer Mr Wong advised me that ”there have been issues with the contractors assigned to complete the works. Once this has been rectified, works will begin again. The expected completion date is in 2015”.

    Im not too happy that it takes NBC a year to attach a new walkway to a block when there is so much housing shortage in this town.

  2. Over a year later, no-one has even looked at the site of these abandoned flats (Sam Wong says the tenants have been permanently rehoused) but what we need to know is when is something going to happen?

    To have these empty properties just sitting there in waste is unacceptable!!!

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