ADAMS gives NPH & NBC a rest

ADAMS gives NPH & NBC a rest…

READERS of English Housing Survey – Social Rented Sector Report that was released in the last few days needs to be read with care?

Norman says “In July 2017 the government published a report that is NOT factual and the facts are:

In May 2015, the eligibility criteria was reduced from five years public sector tenancy to three. This means you now have to be a tenant for three years instead of five before you can apply to buy your home.


He as email the publishers the following:

RE: July 2017 ISBN: 978-1-4098-5085-4


English Housing Survey Social Rented Sector Report, 2015-16

DRAW your attention to the following:

Technical notes and glossary page 31

Right to Buy scheme: The Right to Buy scheme gives secure tenants in a local authority home the opportunity to buy their home at a discount. In order to qualify for the scheme a social tenant must have lived for a total of at least five years in a public sector tenancy. The scheme is also available to assured tenants of non-charitable housing associations who have transferred with their homes from a local authority as part of a stock transfer. In this case the tenants is said to have a ‘preserved Right to Buy’. The Government has plans to extend Right to Buy to housing association tenants and are currently running a Voluntary Right to Buy pilot scheme amongst a small number of housing associations


My understanding is that it’s a total of THREE years

Mr Norman Adams – Northampton


Technical notes and glossary page 31 don’t trust them? Social_rented_sector_report_2015-16

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