Northampton Council owned garage sites will be discussed on the 19 July

Northampton Council owned garage sites will be discussed on the 19 July 

Cabinet Meeting Date: 19 July 2017 

Report Title: Council garage sites and the allocation and management

of council garages 

  1. Purpose

1.1 The Council owns 2,772 garages on 187 sites throughout the borough and these

garages are managed, on the Council’s behalf, by Northampton Partnership Homes.


1.2 Although there have been a number of garage reviews in recent years, these have

been site specific and have not involved a systematic review of every garage site.


1.3 Half of the council garages are empty, due to the low demand for parking, residents’

concerns about the condition and location of the garages, and the lack of active

marketing. The problem is compounded by a lack of transparency in the way in which

applications are prioritised and garages are allocated.


1.4 The purpose of this report is to ask Cabinet to approve a Council Garage Sites

Strategy that will ensure that optimum use is made of the garage sites, and a Council

Garages Policy that will improve the allocation and management of the garages.




2.1 It is recommended that Cabinet approves:

(a) The Council Garage Sites Strategy (Appendix A)

(b) The Council Garages Policy (Appendix B)



Appendix A & B  Council Garage Sites Strategy & Council Garages Policy (1 August 2017)

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2 Responses to Northampton Council owned garage sites will be discussed on the 19 July

  1. Kim says:

    Norman Thank you! I shall be going on the 19th.

    Are you aware that, the garages (Flats) near Stanley Road, may not have been in use for some considerable time and the residents are not happy. Oh the double yellow lines have been painted over in black to allow for the residents parking in the street!

    Be Good,

  2. Kim says:

    P.S. Bearing in mind that, surveys has already taken place when Cllr Mary Markham and the Planning Officer had events in most areas approx late 2013 in the local community rooms. (As in 2014 a lot of alledged “Decanting” occurred due to correction of the rewiring in a number of properties, and they had another new bathroom and kitchen and full decoration, It does make you wonder if the databases are really up to date. FHM was the contractors and also found Asbestos, and swiftly paid out compensation)

    Letters had been sent out to those who rented garages, and it was deemed by Cllr. Mary Markham that, housing would be placed there, 3 x 3 bedroom houses. and that there were other garages availabe to rent.

    I raised the fact that, to Cllr Mary Markham and to Cllr Gareth Eales, that, there is a brooke running under the garages and that is why, 2 houses on Merythr Road (next to the bus stop) were knocked and replaced with the only 2 bedroom bungalow, as the houses were too heavy and the land was not supporting it.

    So surveys have been applied.

    Further, when I sat as Chair on the Major Works, again the issue was raised and the same old spiel churning out about the garages, and they too had already inspected the garages, because there were complaints on how the delightful employees were acessing the garages under the guise of Health and Safety. Concerns was also raised from a SIP member living in Kings Heath. as to how the garages were being accessed.

    The SIPs members already stated that the garages should be made larger and improved, however, I see that this is in the report but it does not state that the SIPs or the consultations that Cllr Mary Markham held previously have been acknowledge in the articles A and B.

    These garages have been left purposely to deteriorate and infact they should have been in the bundle of the Decent Homes package, just like new floors, rearranging the planning of properties to gain more space and having new kitchens and bathrooms and a full rewiring. But just like anything else…. We have been sold a lie.

    So more of the public purse money is going to be wasted again on yet more surveys, when they have already made their mind up.

    As for Northampton Partneship Homes consulting with the Councillors and Housing Officers (which we dont see or know of any surgeries being held due to lack of advertising and communication)
    Cllr, Mary Markham has now side stepped on to the Board of Northampton Partnership Homes, maybe Cllr. MAry Markham can now produce the information relating to the surveys for each area.

    (Cllr Eales stated that, he was not kept in the loop for this event with Cllr Mary Markham and held one seperately on a Saturday which comincided with a surgery date, of which he partly cancelled as it was his wifes birthday). Maybe Cllr. Gareth Eales could produce the findings of his consultation.

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