POST Grenfell Tower fire related motions

POST Grenfell Tower fire related motions tabled for the Northampton 10 July full Council meeting…. NOTICES OF MOTIONS 

The Liberal Democrats

  1. i) Councillor Meredith to propose and Councillor Beardsworth to second:

“This council makes the following commitment to all tenants living in Council buildings All council residential blocks of 5 or more storeys, with enclosed stairwells, will be fitted with fire sprinkler systems as soon as possible and by the 31st July 2018 at the latest” 

The Conservative Party

  1. vi) Councillor Hibbert to propose and Councillor Hadland to second:

“In light of recent events, Northampton Partnership Homes (NPH) have already instructed the installation of sprinklers in their only high-rise Council building, St Katherine’s Court. The Council will continue a review of the other 10 buildings in conjunction with the Fire Service and any further Government guidance. To ensure those in private buildings are also suitably protected, this Council resolves to undertake an urgent review of the planning policy with regard to residential developments and provisions for sprinkler systems in all new residential buildings of 5 storeys or above”.

The Labour Party

We couldn’t be bothered

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