One of those you could be right Sherlock motions…

One of those you could be right Sherlock motions…

Perhaps it is slowly sinking in … if you keep flogging off the housing stock … it starts to course problems, since 2012-13 NBC have flogged off 457 council homes, of which 46.61% have been 3 bedroom or more and 37.42% have been 2 bedroom with only 15.97% being 1 bedroom.

It is not rocket science… start building … stop flogging

Norman Adams – Northampton – July 2017  


iii) Councillor Birch to propose and Councillor Duffy to second:

“This Council notes there is a growing and serious problem with social overcrowding in

council houses.

This Council believes that the national statutory overcrowding regulations are insufficient.

Children in particular are affected as there is a lack of space to study, store their clothes and toys, play with siblings, and invite friends over.

This Council will therefore determine a local standard to include the right to a minimum

floor space, storage for clothes and personal effects.

We further ask the Cabinet to investigate ways to help families living in socially

overcrowded conditions to move on to appropriate accommodation as their family needs


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