DEMAND… sprinklers to be fitted retrospectively

DEMAND… sprinklers to be fitted retrospectively

PROTEST all welcome to come along on 10 July at 5:30pm at the Guildhall retrofit sprinklers

Join the protest on 10 July at 5:30pm before the council meeting at the Guildhall

Protest has been called by Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) and Defend Council Housing (DCH) in their demand for sprinklers to be fitted retrospectively

The Liberal Democrats have confirmed they are submitting a motion in the next council meeting calling for the sprinklers to be fitted retrospectively.
The Labour Party is also considering putting in a motion

Northampton Partnership Homes seems to be RISKING its reputation and the safety of its tenants for between £60,000-£100,000
In the stock it manages for Northampton Borough Council only one block (St Katherines Court) would be categorised as high-rise.
Sprinkler retrofit costs…
An analysis of retrofitting work in high rise tower blocks completed in the past 5 years confirms that costs per flat average out between £1,500 and £2,500 per flat.
Katherines Court has 40 flats the cost would be between £60,000-£100,000 to retrofit sprinklers

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  1. About Northampton Partnership Homes

    Northampton Partnership Homes is an arms-length management organisation (ALMO) that is responsible for the management of Council housing services.

    From 5th January 2015, Northampton Partnership Homes (NPH) has been managing the provision of all the housing services of Northampton Borough Council (NBC) related to its own stock.

    NPH is an Arm’s Length Management Organisation that is wholly owned by the Council but has its own Board of Directors. It is a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) and is a not for profit organisation. This means that income will be put back into providing housing and housing related services.

    NPH has been set up by NBC for an initial period of 15 years and is responsible for the following services:

    Allocations and Lettings
    Repairs and Maintenance
    Housing Management, including dealing with anti-social behaviour
    Tenancy Support
    Tenant Involvement
    Ecton Lane Park traveller site

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