Toms Close update

Toms Close update question-why-the-mushroom-management-at-nph-about-toms-close

Article in the local press

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2 Responses to Toms Close update

  1. Kim says:
    Southwark has tried to push through a community purchase order (CPO) to buy out the eight owners, across seven different blocks on the estate. If agreed, it would have allowed work to start on the first phase – 830 homes designed by HTA Design. But Mr Javid said the proposal would breach the residents’ human rights.

    The planning inspector he appointed found that the council adopted “extremely low valuations” to compensate leaseholders for their homes – meaning most leaseholders would be forced to leave the area or invest in a new, more expensive property.

  2. NOTE: ” Southwark Council, which was ordered to pay the costs of the judicial review, has said it will appeal the Hight Court’s decision” I don’t know what the outcome of ANY appeal was.

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