NBC agree to make more housing subject to RTB

NBC agree to make more housing subject to RTBstop RTB

Review of Older Persons’ Housing



1)    Cabinet noted the findings of Northampton Partnership Homes’ review of the Council’s older persons’ housing (as set out in its Older Persons’ Housing Strategy in appendices 1 and 2 of the report);


2)    Cabinet approved the rebranding of the Council’s sheltered housing as ‘older persons’ housing’ and authorised changes to the housing allocations policy (as set out in paragraphs 3.2.5 – 3.2.7 of the report) in order to define these properties as being suitable for people aged 55 or over and determine the circumstances in which they may be let to people with disabilities who are under the age of 55 years;


3)    Cabinet approved the reclassification of its ‘general needs’ bungalows to ‘older persons’ housing’ when they become vacant and are assessed as suitable for older people, in order that all future lettings are made to people who are either aged 55 years or over or have a disability, required accessible housing and are under the age of 55 years;


4)    Cabinet approved, in principle, the reclassification (to ‘general needs housing’) or up to 600 flats and bungalows that are currently designated as ‘sheltered housing’ but are assessed as being unsuitable for older people, and authorised Northampton Partnership Homes to consult with the affected residents, in three phases, in order to establish their housing preferences and their current and future needs, and to recommend to the Council which schemes should be reclassified and when;


5)    Cabinet delegated to the Chief Executive, in consultation with the cabinet Member for Housing & Wellbeing and the Section 151 Officer, the authority to approve the reclassification of the older persons’ housing schemes to ‘general needs housing’ after Northampton Partnership Homes has consulted with the affected residents and following consideration of Northampton Partnership Homes’ recommendations; and


6)    Cabinet noted that it would receive further reports on the implementation of Northampton Partnership Homes’ Older Persons’ Strategy and the Council’s development of a Multi-Agency Older Persons’ Housing Strategy that takes into account the views of a wider range of stakeholders, including registered providers, private sector developers and housing providers, health and social care and the voluntary and community sector.


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