Homeless families are left whistling in the wind

Northampton Defend Council Housing said “Homeless families are left whistling in the wind”what the fuck

If looking at the bidding rounds for Northampton social housing tell a story, then that story is, if your need is for social housing with three or more bedrooms then things look very very bleak

We have looked at what has been on offer in the last 16 weeks (18 May – 31 Aug)

And only 16% have been three bedrooms or more:

18 May-31 Aug What was on offer choice based lettings
22 Bedsit
190 One bedroom
102 Two bedroom
51 Three bedroom
5 Four bedroom
2 Five bedroom

NOTE: Whilst the majority of housing applicants are housed through the Choice Based Lettings system, there are circumstances when a direct offer is made to an applicant, such as urgent need or a threat to life. In 2015-16, 14.35% of lets were made direct to an applicant.

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