If you know so much about the problems, where are your cures?

Labour Rose Summer 2016 Edition consisted of 179 words on housing in Northampton stating the obvious!

Northampton Defend Council Housing response:

If you know so much about the problems, where are your cures?


Wording used in Labour Rose:-

Northampton’s Housing Crisis

Labour calls for immediate action to help local people

Residents in the town are facing a housing crisis. The Council needs to be more proactive in responding to this crisis. A decent home at a price people can afford is essential for a healthy, happy, family life. Yet many people have to struggle too hard for too long to achieve that. We have identified numerous problems in the local housing market. House prices are increasing and so is the cost of the private rented sector. We face a diminishing supply of council house and poor quality housing in both the social hosing and the private rented sector. The size of the private rented sector in Northampton has been steadily growing. This is caused by years of failure to build enough houses. A future Labour Administration at the Guildhall would do all it can to build more homes. Another concern for Labour is the proliferation of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HiMOs) within the town. Some communities are blighted with HiMOs, so we back tougher rules and regulation.


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