Council flats now being let at £101.95 per week


Northampton Partnership Homes write:

We can confirm that the total cost per week for a new letting at Dover Court is £101.95, this however is NOT the weekly rent. Allow us to explain……………


This cost is made up of:


Heating and Electric costs

CCTV charge

Cleaning costs and

Grounds maintenance costs


Firstly please note that any resident who was decanted and returns will return on their original rent (less 1% of course)


The “new” weekly rent, for new tenancies is wholly in accordance with NBC rent policy. The explanation here is that following the end of “rent restructuring”  Dovercourt rents were not at target rent. As everyone is aware every dwellings that is not at target rent are moved to target rent on re-let and that is what is happening here. Any new tenants will be paying the higher target rent. Those who were decanted and are moving back will keep their lower rent.


The table below shows the rent and individual service charges for a 1 bed flat at Dovercourt and the revised rent/service charge position for new tenancies in 2016/17.dovercourt rent






Northampton DCH write back:

Capping Housing Benefit in the social rented sector

Tenancies signed after 1 April 2016 will be problematic for single claimants aged under 35 without dependent children

Capping Housing Benefit in the social rented sector – The government will apply the relevant Local Housing Allowance rates as maxima for Housing Benefit paid in the social rented sector, including the Shared Accommodation Rate for single claimants aged under 35 without dependent children. The cap will apply from 1 April 2018 but only to tenancies signed after 1 April 2016.

With a rent of £81.07 this will be a shortfall of £14.75


DOVERCOURT could be problematic for ANYONE under the age of 35

Dovercourt -Suitable for a single person only?

Three of the four at Dovercourt in this bidding round, make it clear that its suitable for single person only, THIS could be problematic for ANYONE under the age of 35 when Housing Benefit will be limited to £66.32

Tenants face an increasingly widening gap between the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) they will receive and the actual rent they pay.

The situation is set to worsen as LHA rates freeze for four years from April 2016.

Northampton Local Housing Allowance Rates

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is a way of working out Housing Benefit for people who rent.


Local Housing Allowance Rates 2016/17 (for Local Housing Allowance Benefit Claims from 1 April 2016)

Shared Room (Under 35) Rate* 1 Bedroom Rate 2 Bedroom Rate 3 Bedroom Rate 4 Bedroom Rate
£66.32 £100.05 £126.31 £139.84 £187.14

Council flats at Dovercourt, St James, Northampton are now being let at £101.95 per week


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