Prominent University of Northampton academic is among those skewering the Housing Bill


Prominent University of Northampton academic is among those skewering the Housing Bill
Opposition to Housing Bill gathers for 13 March national demo

Opposition is spreading fast. The House of Lords look likely to vote against the Housing and Planning Bill, blocking it in Parliament (for a while at least).

A united opposition is gathering for a national march against the Bill, stepping up pressure on MPs to oppose it too. 50,000 leaflet, along with posters and stickers have gone out in the last week.

Dr Bob Colenutt University of Northampton
As academics involved in housing, planning and urban policy, we believe the proposals in the housing and planning bill will do little or nothing to alleviate the housing crisis. Among our greatest concerns are plans to:
 Significantly reduce the number of genuinely affordable homes
 Require councils to subsidise housing associations right to buy discounts, with no guarantee of replacement homes at similar rents in the same area.
 Introduce means testing and “Pay to Stay” deals if household income exceeds £30,000 (£40,000 in London), radically undermining the stability of mixed communities and disincentivising work.
 Discriminate against Gypsies and Travellers by reducing potential housing sites.
 Abolish lifetime tenancies, ensuring that council tenants will not be able to plan their lives any further than five years into the future.

Decades of rigorous study into housing provision around the world suggest that these proposals will fuel rising housing costs, diminish local government resources, fatally undermine alternatives to market-based housing provision and ultimately increase the displacement of vulnerable communities and elevate eviction rates. This is not a solution to a crisis, but an accelerant that, in the process of changing the housing landscape, will devastate communities and families across the country.




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