Northampton Council has 4,683 dwellings that are under target rent

Northampton Council has 4,683 dwellings that are under target rent

Target Rent – In line with the Governments guidance any dwelling that becomes void in year will automatically have its rent realigned to the Formula Rent (target rent), which takes account of average national rent, relative county earnings, number of bedrooms and relative property value. The forecast position of rents at target per property type by number of bedrooms is shown in the table below, after modelling the rents for 2016/17

not at target rent

Those dwellings currently not at Target rent are all less than their Target. The Council does not have any rents above Target. The policy of moving relet properties straight to Formula was introduced in 2014/15 with the intention of closing the rents to target over a period of time. This will continue to be monitored and any future changes to Rent Policy will be consulted on.


What can Northampton Defend Council Housing add to this?

We have looked at the previous year table modelling the rents for 2015/16 and can report the following

Not at target shows a drop from 5,250 down to 4,683

The Stock Dwelling total shows a drop from 11,929 down to 11,836 (a loss of 93 homes ) see stock gone



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