Sheltered Housing Scheme still viable?

Sheltered Housing Scheme still viable?

Many people will have seen or read this one comment from yesterday’s (27th January) debate from Shadow Housing minister John Healey:

Golden Lane Housing, Mencap’s housing arm, had plans for £100 million investment over the next five years in supported housing across England, but they have been scrapped

Yes that does say £100 million of plans for new supported housing has been scrapped and just from 1 support provider and because the revenue funding in housing benefit will be so severely cut that new supported housing, like new sheltered housing is wholly non financially viable.

BUT in Northampton we have Northampton Partnership Homes and Northampton Borough Council saying (25th January) sheltered scheme is still viable:

NPH ...The scheme is still viable







A must read for members of NBC Cabinet and the people down at NPH

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  1. I’d love to see that maths!

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