Community Room, Goldcrest Court, Goldings, Northampton,

Email sent to Northampton Partnership Homes

Is this Community Room managed by Northampton Partnership Homes?

If so what improvement (if any) has been made since May 2015?


RATED ONE (major improvement necessary):

Community Room

Goldcrest Court, Goldings, Northampton, NN3 8XJ

Last inspected: 06 May 2015



Read more:


Our current understanding is THAT Northampton Partnership Homes manage the following:

Arlbury Road, Blackthorn

Blackberry Lane, Briar Hill

Bouverie Road, Hardingstone

Cardigan Close, Dallington

Eastfield Close, Duston

Eden Close, Lakeview

George Nutt Court, Far Cotton

Goldcrest Court, Goldings

Hardy Drive, Hardingstone

Hinton Road, Kingsthorpe

James Lewis Court, Cherry Orchard

Leicester Street, Semilong

Liburd Room, Kingsthorpe

Market Street, Exeter Place

Montague Crescent, Lodge Farm

Nene Drive, Kings Heath

Parsons Meade, West Hunsbury

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