Housing Questions AND Responce at December 2015 council meeting

Housing Questions at December 2015 council meeting





Northampton Defend Council Housing (NDCH) can report that 12 of the 24 questions tabled at the meeting were housing related, on issues like Rough Sleepers, Bed & Breakfast, voids and turn round times, and rogue landlords.


Q1: Rough Sleepers responce states “A formal multi agency ‘count’ of rough sleepers is not due to take place until February 2016”

Q2: Bed & Breakfast  responce states “38 households were living in Bed & Breakfast accommodation as at 1st December 2015”

Q3: Social Lettings Agency responce states “up and running by April 2016 and fully operational by October 2016

Q4: Rogue landlords responce states “12 Landlords are the subject of criminal investigations”

Q5: Refugees responce states “This is a Government led programme and we will respond to the need as it arises” 

Q6: Voids and turn round times responce states “ The average void turnaround time for homes let during October 2015 was 28.30 days

Q9: Overcrowding responce states “lacking 2 or more bedrooms


The responce to the following four questions some may also find worth a read

Q20:  Disability Faclilities Grants waiting times

Q21: Council Garages

Q22: Adopted Roads

Q23: Accommodation at Park Campus

Full list of the questions and the responce Member and Public Question Time DECEMBER 2015

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