What happened to that Labour Group motion?

What happened to that Labour Group motion?

At the December council meeting (Northampton Borough) THE CONSERVATIVE councillors voted it down.

what the fuck

The motion which was supported by a member of the public (Norman Adams of Northampton DCH) who said after the meeting “Seems that this Tory administration don’t wish to analyse and report on the likely impacts, AND to be candid I understand why that is, this bill will only have negative impacts on what is already a housing crisis” he added “ I now hope and expect the Labour Group, and the local Labour party to join with other housing campaigners to keep the issue alive outside of the council chamber and on the estates” .

The motion was not calling for a revolution sometime next week; it just asked that this council resolves:

To analyse and report on the likely impact of the forced sale of council homes, the extension of right-to-buy and the ‘starter homes’ requirement on the local availability of affordable homes. Such a report should be presented to a Cabinet meeting.

To analyse and report on any further likely impacts of the Bill on the local area.

To use this information to:  Support the Leader of the Council in writing to the Secretary of State with our concerns about the Bill, to set up an urgent meeting between the Leader of the Council, Leaders of the Labour and Lib Dem Groups and the Chief Executive with the local members of Parliament to raise our concerns and to make public our concerns.

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