Housing is a workplace issue!

Housing is a workplace issue!

Report from a meeting:

Rank and file members of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) have launched the ‘London Teachers Housing Campaign’. Like millions of others, teachers now find it almost impossible to find and keep a home they can afford. People at the meeting talked about being forced further and further from their jobs so they’re no longer part of the communities in which they teach. Newly qualified teachers are condemned to the unaffordable rents, constant threat of eviction and sub-standard conditions of the private rented sector. In a survey carried out by the NUT, 20% said they still had to live with their parents. The damage to teachers’ quality of life is compounded by the impact the housing crisis is having on the families of the children they teach. Several teachers talked about children suddenly disappearing from their classes because they’d been compelled to leave London by benefit cuts, the Bedroom Tax or the lack of available council or housing association homes.

The NUT has taken a lead in saying that housing is a workplace issue. Members of other unions, including Unite, BECTU and the GMB are joining a campaign to demand a housing policy based on need not greed and spearhead opposition to the Housing and Planning Bill currently before parliament which will make the housing crisis worse.


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