Pensioners to be charged £26 ‘falling fee’


Don’t give Northampton Council idea’s like this …

Pensioners to be charged £26 ‘falling fee’ to be helped back to their feet by local council. The council said it would introduce the fee on top of the existing cost of a subscription to its service.



The current situation in Northampton

Our community alarm service, previously known as Lifeline and now called Call Care, provides peace of mind for people who would like to feel more secure in their own homes.

It is a 24-hour, 365 day monitoring service giving you the freedom to live your life independently knowing that you can get assistance when you need it. It’s a quick and simple way of getting help should you have an accident or emergency in your home. You may be unable to get to the phone for instance, after a fall, or you may have an intruder in your home. Our philosophy is simple, we believe in offering prevention, independence, peace of mind and security (PIPS) to our people so that they can live safe and secure lives within their home.

How will Call Care help me?

You would be able to summon help at any time, from anywhere in your home or garden. It will bring peace of mind to you, your family and friends helping you stay independent in your own home.

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