Homes empty for more than two years in the borough of Northampton

Properties empty for more than two years in the borough of Northampton

FOI_5_ (1)

As a follow up to a request made in January giving the total of 163 of which 18 were the councils own property



The following Freedom of Information request as been made today:

Additional 50% council tax on homes that have been empty for more than two years.

  1. )How many properties in the borough are currently subjected to this additional 50% in total?


2.  )How many of the total are the councils own property?


Period of interest: 4th December 2015

UPDATE 17:56 4th December 2015

Since we posted this the following Cabinet Member Report for Housing, that will go to Northampton Borough Council 14th December as been published


Bringing Empty Homes Back into Use At present, there are almost 1,500 empty privately owned homes in Northampton and, of these, around 185 (one in eight) have been empty for at least two years. Although the number of empty homes has fallen in recent years, it is still far too high. There are lots of reasons, of course, why homes are left empty. However, in order to increase the supply of affordable housing in the town, support the work of Northampton’s social lettings agency and provide lasting solutions to the problems that local neighbourhoods are being caused by ‘eyesore’ properties, the Private Sector Housing Team is planning to contact the owners of all homes that have been empty for at least 12 months to establish the owners’ intentions and offer them any information, advice and assistance they require to bring their homes back into use. Although every effort will be made to persuade owners to re-occupy, let or sell their empty homes, doing nothing is not an option and the Council will take all necessary action (including enforced sales and compulsory purchase) to bring problematic and long-term empty homes back into use.

Councillor Stephen Hibbert

Cabinet Member for Housing

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