NOT all council tenants have a lifetime tenancy!

Flexible tenancies

what the fuck

Not all Council Tenants in Northampton have a lifetime tenancy


The Localism Act enables councils to make changes to how homes are let:

Northampton Borough Council’s Cabinet discussed proposed changes to the Housing Allocations Policy and the Tenancy Strategy in December 2012

Major changes adopted altered  the way the council and housing associations in the town lets out properties and the type of tenancy any new tenants would be offered.

The changes seen the introduction of flexible tenancies, This means that not all new tenants are given a lifetime tenancy, instead flexible tenancies can and are offered for a minimum of five years. Housing associations are also encouraged to offer similar tenancies through their tenancy policies.

Existing tenants (2012) will not be affected by the changes unless they move to an affordable rented home in which they would pay a higher rent. However, people on the Housing Register who might be offered a property in the future would only be given a tenancy for five years.

Respondents to the Tenancy Strategy supported the idea to introduce flexible tenancies and 94% agreed with the proposal to give older people a lifetime tenancy and 80% of people agreed that tenancies should be renewed after five years if people’s circumstances had not changed.

What is the situation now?

By July 2014 189 tenants were on flexible tenancies by February 2015 this had risen to 398


Norman Adams – November 2015

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