The Low Demand Scheme

The Low Demand Scheme

The Low Demand Scheme is an alternative rehousing route for those who would not necessarily qualify to join the Housing Register. Properties that have been advertised twice via Choice Based Lettings without being allocated are made available to those who are registered to the Low Demand Scheme. When a property becomes available to the scheme, Applicants who have specified an interest in properties of the size, type and area of the one available are contacted to be offered a provisional viewing. Applicants are contacted in order of housing need and time registered on the scheme. Three bedroom and larger properties are the most frequently available properties on the scheme; however other property types are available on occasion.


Northampton Defend Council Housing can add the following detail:-

Low Demand Scheme…

In response to a request for information on The Low Demand Scheme, the Council responds to your questions as follows:-

  • 1) How many (applicants) are registered on the scheme? =  60


  • 2) How many have been allocated a property? = Since the scheme began 125 lets have been made using the criteria of the low demand scheme.


  • 3) What (if any) are the differences in the tenancy agreements to tenants qualifying by the normal housing register? =There. are no differences in agreements used.


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One Response to The Low Demand Scheme

  1. This scheme is only in existance because of the new allocations policy, instead of accepting socially overcrowded tenants onto the housing register they have setup this alternative scheme to keep the headline figure of those on the housing register low. example being a family of 4 in a 3person occupancy flat would on the old system have been on the housing list, under the new system unless they are Statutory Overcrowded they are not allowed onto the list instead they are allowed onto the “Low Demand Scheme” if they are not on Housing Benefit.

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