If the Labour Group are incapable then DIY

If the Labour Group are incapable then DIY

IF the Labour Group are incapable or not willing to hold the administration to account, then members of the public should attempt to, sadly only one member of the public used (member and public question time) on Monday 8th June it would seem that many are content to be spectators at best or have gone into hibernation until closer to the next Election (NCC in 2017) or are meeting in small groups to plan for the revolution, When/if a date for the revolution is set; I will try to attend that (depending on the weather)

Questions at council meetings can be helpful so long as you know the chocolate from the s*it in the response and don’t swallow the lot

According to the cabinet member for housing ‘There are no backlogs in the Council’s processing and approval of DFG applications’.

Member and Public Question Time JUNE 2015 Q1

I will report back on this when I have a Freedom of Information response back on the following request


REQUEST Disabled Facilities Grant statistics

  1. a)     How many applications from residents are there?
  2. b)     How many of the applications are at the stage of awaiting Occupational Therapist recommendations?
  3. c)     How many are waiting for agreed work to commence?
  4. d)     How many are agreed work in progress?

Period of interest 10 June 2015

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