DCH question the Chief Executive

Question put to Mike Kay, Chief Executive Northampton Partnership Homes


Norman Adams asked, “when do they expect to get back to 2012 levels of void properties?


Mr Kay stated that he did not recognise the figures, Mr Adams as now provided copy of the figures and the source, which are all freedom of information responses from NBC, WE now await the outcome of his investigation!

report to M Kay fig 1


Email update from Mr Kay:

Thank you for raising this question at the Tenants Panel meeting yesterday and for following it up by email today.


As I promised at the panel meeting yesterday I will investigate and will come back to you with the details. Also as explained I do not recognise the figures you state – it would be helpful therefore if you could please provide me with a copy of the figures you have and the source for these so that I can ensure a full, correct and proper response is provided.



Mike Kay

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2 Responses to DCH question the Chief Executive

  1. By email 13th April 2015

    Dear Mr Adams

    I have looked into the question you raised with Mike Kay, Chief Executive, at the Tenant’s Panel last week in respect of the level of void properties.

    From the records provided by David Taylor at NBC, I can see the information reported month on month is factually correct and lists all of the empty properties the Council, and now NPH, have in existence. This means the list includes a growing number of properties which are empty and are unlikely to be relet either now or in the future. An example would be Tom’s Close:-

    · 7 January 2015 there were 6 empty properties
    · 7 November 2014 there were 5 empty properties
    · 7 August 2014 there were 4 empty properties

    In the case of Tom’s Close an options appraisal was undertaken by the Council which found it would not be cost effective to repair the homes to the decent homes standard ready for reletting.

    Your question has highlighted the requirement for NPH to consider how to qualify the data going forward and be clear how the figures in 2012 relate to the figures in 2014. At a future Tenant’s Panel (ideally in May 2015) it is the intention to make a presentation on void properties including a breakdown of the categories they fall into and the management actions being taken to let them or otherwise eg major refurbishment plans or normal void works. I hope this helps to answer your question at this time.

    Kind regards

    Shirley Davies
    Executive Director Housing Management
    Northampton Partnership Homes

  2. It will be interesting to know just what are NPH intentions for the following


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