Toms Close – Northampton – £76k grossly inflated?

Toms Close – Northampton – £76k grossly inflated?

Fishy estimate from NBCNorthampton Defend Council Housing SAYS:


The council is making a lot of it being about the cost of bringing the non-traditional stock up to standard?


We could end up dancing on the head of a pin trying to nail down a exact cost, BUT the council as known for years that money would need to be spent.


FACT: The council (see Cabinet report 16 January 2013) agreed a contract for £8.4 million for the work on Northampton’s 200 non-traditional stock.


So on 16th January 2013 it was agreed to spend on average £42k per property


Fishy estimate from NBC?

We feel that the costing of £76,000 in the report of January 2014 for Toms Close have been grossly inflated to make the case for clearance of the site?


Northampton – Defend Council Housing – 1st March 2015



Link to 16 January 2013 Cabinet report and contract detail:

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