What is in store for the sheltered housing stock?

Have a meeting this afternoon (18th Feb) at the Guildhall with the Interim Project Manager and the Executive Director of Housing Management at Northampton Partnership Homes in an attempt to get some answers about just what is in store for the sheltered housing stock, I have a number of questions to ask and will ensure that the responses are made public and if the response to any question is evasive or no comment in nature, then the general public and the current tenants of the sheltered housing will have to make there own judgement as to why

top secrect

Questions that will be asked at meeting:


  1. Why were tenants to the project board (which meets monthly) NOT put in place via an election or selection process involving the Tenants’ Panel?


  1. The recommendation to decommission 442 over three phases, do you have a timeline of the start and finish dates of each phase?


  1. A resent request for better car parking at Spencer Haven received a negative response, can you state YES or NO to the question is Spencer Haven on the hit list for decommissioning and if so how many?


  1. Have the implications of the effect that decommissioning would have in relation to Right to Buy?


  1. Your report to the Tenants’ Panel makes reference to Hunters Close as being mixed blocks of flats, our data (Northampton Defend Council Housing) shows its totally mixed by three types, General Needs, Sheltered and Leaseholder’s of flats already sold (RtB), Do you (NBC and NPH) have any information as to if the original purchasers still live in them or now rent them out on the market at market rents?


  1. In January 2007(Cabinet report 29th January) NBC had a stock of 2,300   sheltered housing properties you now state (by email 4th Feb) that you have 2,047 sheltered properties. That is a drop of 253 … the question is how, why and when?



Should do for a start …

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