Philistines found setting up sales stall

*Philistine of the Year found setting up sales stall


We know that if its not nailed down then NBC will put it on the market


On Saturday we found that the nails holding our sheltered housing stock were being removed


Sheltered Housing as always been safe from Right to Buy so safe from the Philistines that make up Northampton Borough Council cabinet …so when we read that 442 sheltered homes are to be decommissioned … and classed as general needs housing and we assume stripping away the protection from Right to Buy?


Roll up …Roll up we have sold out of Grannies but we have some ex-sheltered homes going with a 75% discount


Philistines the lot of them

Cllr.David Mackingtosh

Philistine of the Year by a satirical magazine over the sale of an Egyptian statue.

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