Use of Discretionary Housing Payments

Use of Discretionary Housing Payments

Northampton Borough Council at the middle of the financial year as spent 74% of full year allocation…


Use of Discretionary Housing Payments GB – Analysis of Mid-Year Returns from Local Authorities (LAs) April – September 2014


LAs are requested to provide details of their use of DHP funds. This information is being collected twice yearly; in the middle and at the end of the financial year.



Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) is a discretionary scheme that allows local authorities (LAs) to make awards to people experiencing financial difficulty with housing costs who qualify for Housing Benefit (HB) or the housing costs element of Universal Credit (UC).

As part of the welfare reforms package introduced from 2011, the government has significantly increased its contribution towards DHPs to help LAs support those affected by some of the key changes to HB, namely:

  • the introduction of the benefit cap, which is administered through HB;
  • the removal of the spare room subsidy (RSRS) in the social rental sector; and,
  • the local housing allowance (LHA) reforms.


DHPs are awarded at the discretion of each LA and can provide help with ongoing housing costs or one-off expenses (e.g. moving costs).


This statistical release presents a summary of these monitoring returns, covering the period from April to the end of September 2014.




DHP expenditure compared with full year allocation
  DHP spent (Apr-Sept 2014)
DHP allocation 2014/15
Spent as percentage of allocation
England 65,107,340 124,658,688 52%
Northampton 307,017 416,591 74%

Source: DHP monitoring returns for the period April to September 2014

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