Weekly drop-in surgery up and running

Weekly drop-in surgery up and running

 We oppose the bedroom tax



Community Action and Advice


Our campaign started with how do we address the attack on social housing tenants and in particular the ‘bedroom tax’. Through this we came together to support tenants to learn about the appeals process and access their rights to maintain social housing, this led onto welfare benefits support.


We expect to have some mission creep: –


To challenge the attacks on all in our communities through numerous means, which includes Welfare Cuts, NHS, Social Housing, Education, Local Councils, and the whole of our welfare state.


We will need to expand our capacity to this end we would perticualy wish to engage with others who have ‘Tribunal’ experience (perhaps ex-trade union reps) and are willing to give some time to this venture 


We now have weekly drop-in advice surgery: –


The Venue is:

St James Community Centre on St James Square.

Every Friday 10:30am – 1:00pm

 Support and donations from the following groups have made this possible

Northampton Defend Council Housing, Northants Disabled People Against Cuts & Northampton Save Our Services 

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3 Responses to Weekly drop-in surgery up and running

  1. DPAC and their ” IRA are heroes” john McDonnell mate , I think these nutters need brain surgery ,in bed with the tormentors of the disabled and those who fund them, get real !

  2. We have 11m UK disabled ,the DPAC backed WOWPETITION struggled to get 100k signatures in the year, ( a non-party/other agenda IDS petition got 1/2m in a week ) this labour led propaganda petition had the likes of DWP minister 2005-2008 Anne McGuire MP “supporting” it, don’t mention Freud Atos Serco WCA here , then there is Unite “leader” McCluskey, whose union has given our tormentors £45m since 2001, the businesswoman Tanni Grey-Thompson who has never ever condemned Atos ( Paralympic sponsors for 10 years, she knows which side her bread is buttered) and paid by GlaxoSmithKline whom as most people know are scandal ridden, its corruption, bribery, and deaths from the womb to the very elderly, she has even done a video for GSK , in general DPAC along with the nutters in Black Triangle and others are bringing the just and righteous cause of the Disabled into disrepute and seen by the UK,s 11m disabled as so, It all began in May 2010 according to these loonies, adding further insult to injury to all who have been tormented and the bereaved ,who have suffered under the last labour government or any past government, there has been 400,000 winter deaths of disabled, sick, infirm since 1996 where was the outrage?, thousands more of disabled people in care homes which have been shut down and the impact of which has led to a hauntingly high rate of death within months, and of course those dead and disabled by the likes of john mcdonnells “heroes” . Quite evident these sickoes and loonies have a victims hierarchy and unlike the overwhelming majority as opposed to the dribble of the wowpetition we see all victims as equal BEWARE OF CHARLATANS !

  3. Mr McNabb

    This post is about a few people getting together to (it is hoped) help guild and support people through the appeals process.

    I have no intention of removing ANY of your posts from this site or for that matter spend time replying to them, people can draw they own conclusions

    Norman Adams

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