Bedroom Tax Refunds

This way for your refunds


The Department for Work and Pensions has acknowledged that social housing tenants who have been claiming housing benefit for the same home since 1 January 1996 are exempt from the spare room subsidy, more commonly know as the ‘bedroom tax’. Councils are now working to identify and pay housing benefit arrears to exempt tenants.

How many are affected is a question being asked of Northampton Borough Council via Freedom of Information requests, not just by Northampton Defend Council Housing but by media applicants:

As Northampton Borough Council explained in an email.

Your request on this subject is one of a number of similar requests, all of which are being managed in a similar fashion.

You do not need to do anything in response to this email. When the information is available (approximately 2 – 4 weeks) you will be provided with the information automatically and at the same time as all other personal and media applicants.

Will keep people up to speed on this…



If the council accepts the claimant is covered by the 1996 loophole, backpayment of benefit can be awarded without time limit because there has been an official blunder. There will only be a problem in cases where the council is not convinced from the available evidence that the exemption applies. In cases where the council disputes if the loophole applies, there is no fresh right to appeal against a council’s refusal to revise a housing benefit decision, but as long as the claimant informs the council within 13 months of the original bedroom tax decision issued in spring 2013, the appeal can be heard. Tribunals decide cases on the balance of probabilities.

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