Have Northampton Borough Council got a grip of the contract?

Have Northampton Borough Council got a grip of the contract?


Perhaps its time that the portfolio holder for housing removed the rose tinted glass! 

KIER was awarded a contract for a Phase of decent homes work in 2013

Having just (31 January) visited a property in Arlbury Road that the work is in progress and talking to the tenant it’s quite clear that things are not pressing any satisfaction buttons. I will be returning with a camera later so that others can make a judgment

press cover contract

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  1. Constant stream of valid discontent and frustration and that s not just from the tenants. No co-ordination,, communication , no proper care of tenants property, waste, mess, cowboys, etc a lengthy list not to forget that many are elderly ,disabled and in ill – health. tenants! Then what doesone expect from Keir, they,re only good at some things http://t.co/FLsmWZdyQ1

  2. Couple of weeks now my completion date was 30/10/2014, bathroom gutted, blow heater ,recently installed removed, , disability aids removed despite being told not to, shower not working from a Friday to Wednesday , the “electricians” cocked that up awaiting tiling, flooring etc , Kitchen gutted, fittings in bar cabinet,”plastered” strip lighting removed despite being told not to, Oven part of my cooker faulty, as i,ve now discovered my washing machine, no surprise the way my possessions have been treated, Bedtoom wired, “plastered” left in a filthy condition, none of my possessions or bed etc were covered during work, surprised my Filth covered TV was working, living room, crammed full with overflow from kitchen bathroom, possessions, wired, “plastered” heating in as else where, except my fireplace,have photos, some good workmen in, who treated possessions carefully and tidied up, some cowboys. One Keir guy told me one afternoon this week, i was the only tenant who did,nt shout at him, cant blame the tenants or those on the frontline getting the flak , can blame Keir and all at the top in the Council who “planned” this charade !

  3. 30/01/2014 corrected due completion date.

  4. My visitors have noticed the “funky” new layout of my kitchen switches the “in” thing now is “unaligned” and “tipping” , ! 🙂

  5. Mr McNabb
    It would seem that Cabinet Member for Housing is looking into it?
    Richard Birchett (an Interim) as published contact details?

    I have sent the following email:

    Concerns regarding contractors

    Mr Birchett

    It seems that this issue (or very similar) was raised at
    Northampton Pensioners’ Forum, Thursday, 31 October 2013

    A member stated that the comment about more robust control being required of
    Council contractors did not fully convey the problems tenants had faced during the
    works carried out by contractors. She stated that she had raised the problems with
    the Cabinet Member for Housing who had said she would look into them. The
    Interim Head of Landlord Services, Richard Birchett, had given his details at the last
    meeting, as set out below, and asked tenants to contact him if they had any
    concerns regarding contractors: rbirchett@northampton.gov.uk, 01604 838955.

    It would seem to me that as we entry February 2014 the concerns of tenants regarding contractors is still very much a live issue.

  6. Margret says:

    Send in the clowns , is what I thought of some of those who did my home .

  7. angry and old says:

    The Councillors should be seeing tenants, 3 of them in my ward and not one worth a second glance at anytime

  8. Silly Season says:

    Whatever possessed the your Council to do this type of work in mid-winter, displays a serious lack of care and knowledge to weak aged people.

  9. In June 2013 on this blog we wrote:
    For a number of months Northampton Borough Council (NBC) have been reluctant to give the names of the tenants who were involved in the selection of contractors.

    That the named tenants were selected by NBC and not elected by fellow tenants is worrying for contracts worth £58.2 million in total.

    NBC did get back to us later with the following:
    Thank you for your email requesting the names of the tenants who were involved in the site visits and selection of the contractors for the Decent Homes Phase 3 contract these are as follow:
    E. Joyce
    L. Stephenson
    M. De Rosario
    J. Lineker
    B. Haddock
    For more on this:

  10. just another evening/ night, of my wind driven, in – built stereo system piped in through the gaping pipe holes in my bathroom and kitchen, good of the council not to block them, what with these warm, bammy nights, they in their thoughtful manner, want to keep us cool! 🙂

  11. no work done yesterday or today, got 3 visitors though 2 keir 1 council, neighbour had more “luck” two electricians, alas they couldn’t do the work as the plasterers hadn’t finished since last week ,a complete and utter display of contempt for vulnerable people, sums up the attitude !

  12. Nothing done today, had a visitor from the council this morning, just had one from Keir now, made it clear, I,m fed up getting out of bed, possibly being awoke, and never to call again unless there is workmen to do a job, the people responsible want to come and live in our bodies never mind our shoes! ,

  13. Thursday 06/02/2014 had a visit from the council, did a “tour” and a constructive meeting ,Friday 07/02/2014 had my kitchen walls stripped, first work in 8 days, Kier coming Monday and Tuesday or so they say 🙂

  14. Mr McNabb
    I have just emailed the following to Mr Birchett:

    Since I commented that It seem to me that as we entry February 2014 the concerns of tenants regarding contractors is still very much a live issue.

    I was not that surprised to see the article in the local press on Thursday 6th February ‘Family’s shock at state of 102 years old’s home’. Which you can find in the attachment

  15. Since this article was published (Northampton Chronicle & Echo)

    The facebook comments would seem to suggest that this is NOT a one-off incident BUT would appear to be much wider dissatisfaction?

    I agree with Mr Betts on this, and will be asking that this issue be on the agenda of the next Northampton Tenants Meeting, which is on Tuesday 11th February.

    Some of the comments:-

    Jeff Betts:
    My girlfriend had Decent Homes trash her flat too. So many people have, but they’re being kept in isolation and being dealt with as individual cases – we were told ‘there’s been no other complaints’. But she goes to the Tenants’ Panel NBC set up a year or so back, so she’s met others with the same problems, and she fought her case and won compensation, eventually. My advice to everyone who’s had Decent Homes problems with NBC to get together as much evidence as you can, including photos, and contact NBC’s Customer Engagement on 01604 837836, or participation@northampton.gov.uk – ask for the information to be passed on to the Repairs Service Improvement Panel, or the Tenants’ Panel. Both panels are tenant-led, so the evidence that something is going very wrong on a large scale stands a better chance of not being swept under the carpet. Quite what can be done about it I’m not sure, but from experience you’re more likely to get listened to by other tenants, who’ve also had similar problems, than contractors or contracts managers who have a vested interest in claiming all’s well.

    Michelle Spedding Was Mclean:
    I feel it for everyone that is going though this, my home was started on the 28th August and still it is not complete. I have had problems with my wiring fuses kept blown my children couldn play the computers as they kept turning off and I was left with no electric at some points. And floors are collapsing in all my children rooms and continued phone calls don’t work, my kitchen dose not resemble a new one, I have mould in the bathroom because the fan was not wired up for wks. I hate what they have done. I only moved in to this house less then a yr ago but I can not wait to try and move out and go back to a housing association! NBC are complete joke! And Kerr and just cowboys they should not b allowed to touch anyone else’s home!

    Emma Lewis:
    Ummm… I can relate to this… Over 12 weeks of sheer hell we had to put up with and things still aren’t properly finished. Had no cooker or washing machine for 6 weeks, as the wiring points weren’t put in, and that’s just the start…We now refuse to let them in unless it’s for boiler maintenance!

    Amy Louise Smyth:
    My house is in the middle of work it was meant 2 b finished yesterday I ring them most days to see what’s goin on and I get told there get back to me and they never do iv rang council twice and made complaints but still work is slow which they told me they would try and get mine done as quick as possible as me and my son have a type eczema and all the dust is bad for are skin they are cowboy builders in my eyes

    Jane Smith:
    your right there Amy…..all I kept getting told was “leave it with me”!

    Jane Walker:
    I dont know many ppl who cant relate to this after supposed council upgrades they contract cowboys,,, I had mine done 2 yrs ago total disaster. They walk away leave u in chaos

    Jane Smith:
    I think a lot of us can relate to this… I live next door to Edie and my work is still not complete after 12 weeks!

    Barbara Loudon:
    i wonder if the man who said it was ok to live in, would let his elderly mother live there !!!

    Louise Stapleton:
    My nan lives in a sheltered housing bungalow and the council wanted to come in and modernise or she’d get £150 voucher for a diy store.
    After Looking through all the work invovled and what they would do….she refused as it would ruin all the beautiful decorating she had done. My nan is 77 btw…still works and is extremely house proud.
    The council hasseled her for ages saying it needed to be done. Her reply was…you can do the work when I am gone and not a moment before.

    Her neighbour had the same amount of work done in their bungalow and it was Absoluteley disgusting what they did.

    Exposed wires, sockets hanging off the wall, the toilet wasnt connected properly. Cupboards weren’t straight and secured to the wall properly and put a massive hole through her partion wall, to which they only sparkled (partially) . Just disgusting.

    Daniel Jwanczuk:
    C’mon C&E. After reading all the comments, this needs a follow up story.

    Victoria Barfoot:
    This is terrible. So bad that there are so many horror stories on top of this one. Something needs to change this is shocking especially for the elderly more vulnerable residents.

    Laura Shaw:
    Absolutely disgusting!! Nobody should be put through this let alone a lady of 102!

    Cheryl Watson:
    Poor lady …well being a council tenant for 8years…. I could write an essay on half or badly done jobs. ,I have experienced ….. Cowboys

    Paula Scott:
    I had Lovell’s do mine, went on for over 6 months. Plumber wanted to get finished before the carpenter fitting kitchen so now sink unit isn’t fitted properly, I could write a bleeding book about it. Water tanks in loft are still there and leaked through my ceilings and now found a big hole in the ceiling in my airing cupboard, that no one bothered to tell me had happened. The electricians came through to the other side of my walls, I only found out when I noticed lumps under my wallpaper, felt it and found they had come through from the other sides of the walls.

    Claire Buckseall:
    Typical of councils up and down the country. Council tenants are treated like scumbags who don’t deserve nice homes or to be treated fairly.

    Stuart Isom:
    We had Lovell come and do our upgrade and I’ve never seen such bad workmanship, they broke a tile in our downstairs toilet, plastered over the old warm air heating vents but got it all over the wallpaper as well and loads of other little bits. We now have to decorate five rooms to repair the mess

    Tarnya Prior:
    My nans was the same she also lives in goldings x

    Aimie Lou:
    Doesn’t surprise me one bit. The councils shoddy workmanship caused one of my old kitchen cupboards to fall on my head resulting in a trip to a&e. All because they put it back up on the wall which has just been replastered because of damp! Idiots.

    Roxy Rudkin:
    I’d be absolutely fuming if this was done to my Nan. Bloody disgusting!!

    Lily Ann P:
    Not surprised one bit. They don’t care simple as that. She shouldn’t of had this to put up with at her time of life. Thankfully she has a family looking out for her, hate to think how many elderly are out there alone, living in unsatisfactory conditions. I have only had telephone contact regarding decent homes. I was meant to get a new bathroom end of last year, then it changed to April and now they say the work will definitely be completed by 2015. Not holding my breath as I’ve gone so long now without the luxury of a bathroom. I do think priority should be given to the elderly, disabled and those with small children though. Northampton Borough Council i’ll just continue to wash in the kitchen sink.

    Simon Dzelzītis Mednieks:
    Council subcontracted my grans work out and they didnt bother to connect her outlet pipe. Very nearly gassed her to death she was only saved by a Carbon monoxide alarm in her house to warn her

    Terri Locke:
    I’ve been left with an unsealed & no bath panel on my bath, always wanted a free standing bath but not one like this ! The council are disgusting never finish a job properly, actually they never even do it properly !

    Anita Simmons:
    The council have contracted Kier to do the work the they employ cowboys …the work is shoddy and there is no communication….my poor neighbour is on the verge of a nervous breakdown….

    Michelle N Robin Ellison:
    bit like my house then they put a new kitchen in and half the plugs hanging off and not even screw in to the wall

    Sarah Pearce:
    And i was complaining they were taking to long on my house im waiting to move into cause of work… This is terrible.. X

    Adam Aston:
    My mother in law again had same thing council workers basically ruined her home. A number of things were left unfinished and some unsafe, when she complained as to when it would be finished , to our collective horror they said it was! We clubbed together and finished it ourselves. And she had children in her home. N.B.C. in my opinion are a digrace and their workers can only be described as cowboys.

    Andrea Bond:
    My mother in-law had same sort of problems with this shambles of a upgrade leaking pipe work ect ect and it took for her son to get involved to get it sorted out thankfully all done now.

  16. Have just sent the following email:

    To Chair of Northampton Tenants’ Panel

    Current phase of ‘Decent Homes’ work.

    I ask that some time is made on the agenda to note the recent press coverage and the amount of negative comments both on facebook and the papers website that would point to the amount of dissatisfaction being considerable.

  17. weekend over and the expectant workmen resulted in two plasterers who came to do a job but didn’t know what it was, they left and came shortly afterwards to plaster over a socket that was missed in part 1 and away they went again. Couple of hours later , another workman appears, ,im going to get the kitchen painted, well not really, after a butchers at the walls its plasterers tomorrow morning for “certain” . then an hour or two later the plasterers came back to finish the socket job, i informed them the walls where getting plastered tomorrow, so they left. so in 9 days i,ve had a kitchen wall stripped and a socket plastered over, no doubt tomorrow will be another bundle of joy !!

  18. Wednesday a washout, but not in my wet room ,its not fit for my carer to use due to health & safety, makes you wonder what type of people treat people worse than animals

  19. Thursday 13/02/2014 ,I was “blessed” with 8 workmen and a Council Officer ,and a ten minute plaster job in my bathroom, what a “remarkable” usage of manpower resources ,and “informed” a plumber coming tomorrow ( Friday) to put in shower seat, toilet and sink,

  20. Friday plumber came fitted new loo and sink, and now as before i,ve no shower this weekend, will it last to the following Wednesday like the last time, ? Makes you wonder about the breeding and hygiene habits of some !

  21. 7 weeks now, today, kitchen painted bar two doors, tiling on bathroom started, had I a pet the rspca would have deemed this bombsite unfit for animal habitation , we don’t need reminders what NBC stands for, anyone have any councillors call, remember them come next years elections !

  22. Kitchen now painted, floor skimmed, bathroom almost tiled, workmen very diligent, no shower of course cant have we sub-humans keeping clean, good link here, I suggest you who can identify act on it, ive sent it to the chronicle and echo and Council leader David Mackintosh, , I, the council and all who know and seen me this past near two months, knows the effect it has on my health, , as for the “finish” of my home , what they wreck, they fix ! http://t.co/8RvwzmzLb9


    i find this absolutely disgusting what housing tennants have to put up with and more to the point a 102 year old lady does the government not realise or accept that most of there clientele have worked and paid there taxes for years to be treated in such despicable manner SHAME OM THEM

  24. Mr McNabb …. Have just been reading the notes from Tenants Panel meeting (11th February) it would appear that the issue of the Decent Homes and the bad publicity on it from newspapers and face book. Was on the agenda

    It appears that it was suggested that a Service Improvement Panel be set up immediately consisting of eight tenants. Be interesting to see what comes out of that?

  25. Thank you Mr Adams, one dreads to think what these tenants will come up with, like those who went for Keir ? lets hope they know they speak solely for themselves, and contrary to the Council Pravda are not elected ,”your doing a great job” “your highly valued” etc makes some deluded 🙂

  26. Friday a week now and still no shower,i must get a door sign when this hell is over with Welcome to the Pig Sty,few jobs in the kitchen to be done along with the vent that has been a nice hole in the wall, but not one you get money from, its a heating add on one , to copliment my pan pipes vent in the bathroom, which need the shower wired, wet floor laid , blow heater to be put up again, and a touch of paint. living room and hallway stripped and first coat, good workers all week ,. Nil Desperandum eh ! 🙂


  28. I,m housebound ( cant get out without assistance) ive drop foot both legs, use a stick, wear supports, arthritis base of spine, IBS , Asthma and Emphysema , now in my eighth week and 70 plus photos later, no shower now in my 10th day this time around, ive now a chest infection and on antibiotics, a Council Officer offered to put me in a Hotel tonight, I couldn’t physically make it, and its eight weeks too late, and i,m not shooting the messenger, painters in today and as ever first class, only complaints of workmen to date were the electricians and the headless chickens responsible who made/make the “decision” . My shower needs wiring as do the two gaping holes in my bathroom and kitchen need the vent wired up, it appears the space shuttle hasn’t took off as the NASA engineers needed to do this “massive ” mission haven’t arrived ! PS if your in sheltered housing the wardens cant get your prescriptions anymore !

  29. Several reports of our vulnerable residents in tears, Northampton Bullies Council will be offering euthanasia packs as compensation next ! Another shameless farce this morning , electricians came wired the shower in 10 minutes , after 11 day delay, then its leaking and the pump is blocked, as for communications, their all at “meetings” what type of beings treat the vulnerable like this ?,whatever they are we need protected from them !

  30. I rang the County Council “Safeguarding” Adults the physical and mental well- being of our vulnerable residents doesn’t fall under their “criteria” now isnt that a surprise !

  31. just had a guy to fix the shower, its faulty and needs a new one,it appears, im now employed by NBC & Keir, I have to do the reporting, anyone sense my exasperation ,i,m almost 60 ,try think about those in their 70,s 80,s and 90,s No Shame any of them !

  32. If elderly sick disabled were surrounded by unhealthy squalor and tormented to boot in a hospital , there would be an outrage, I dread to think if the asbestos test was as “good” as the “workmanship” and “management”

  33. BREAKING NEWS : I as a housebound sub-human have now a shower after 11 days, will it last or will it be a hat-trick of no shower days ?

  34. Few late calls of how the continuing callousness is affecting our vulnerable, it would be common nature to most but quite evidently not to those responsible. Today my bathroom was “booked” in for flooring, I got two Kier Clipboards calling instead, to stress me out further, seems the councillors who became councillors to “give” something to the community, are not to be seen nor heard, remember them May 2015 !

  35. Grand total of “work” for the week, 4 electricians, to fix a 10 minute wiring of my shower after 11 days !

  36. on Friday I was told my work would be completed on Monday after a tour of the building site, i believe the gentleman n re-assessed that opinion, though I am told there will be an invasion of my property on Monday, I cant wait to see the tanks roll in 🙂

  37. Mr McNabb …. we (NDCH) have been told that the following question as been tabled for the 10th March Full council meeting…..

    Question for Cllr Mary Markham Portfolio Holder for Housing

    In light of the ongoing Decent Homes Scandal, is there a huge apology and compensation pot ready ?

    For Guidance http://t.co/BO4s4mkWLy

  38. I,m sure my 80 plus photo collection will bear testament, no doubt to be added as I enter my 9th week ! 🙂

  39. Reports coming in residents have tripped on the flooring “protection” covering, mine has been down 8 weeks ,ragged and torn. I put the following question to the portfolio holder for housing, for next weeks full council meeting which has been denied because its 36 minutes too late in reaching them, , ” in light of the ongoing Decent Homes Scandal what Health risk Assessment / if any, did N.B.C carry out on residents particularly our elderly, disabled ,sick infirm residents prior to the work startng” seems we have to put up with weeks / months of delays ,but N.B.C wont tolerate 36 minutes, no surprise there !

  40. well well, just this minute a chap has arrived at my door to remove the “protective” floor covering that makes residents trip over, just lets see them try and spin their way out of this !

  41. 10 weeks later, and signed off, since my last post, I had an unannounced visit from an ATOS Doctor suffice to say he cut the recorded interview short and said he had no need to examine me, that speaks volumes about my very obvious disability and illnesses, yesterday I received a letter from the DWP to inform me I wont be assessed again until march 2017. I still have several things to be completed next week, nothing i cant live with after 10 weeks of utter physical and emotional hell, it will now pass the health & safety test for my carer to come in on the mornings ,more later, knowing many who have , or are going through this scandal ,we will be identifying completely with one another !

  42. Now in my 11th week, Kier Area manager and National Consumer Manager are due to visit me again, ive just texted them and will email this. I see it has been in todays local rag, and as per usual the Council Pravda office swinging into bull tomtit mode, on complaints, as they and the dogs in the street know, the farce called a compLaints system is their own investigating their own ( Interests) . its also laborious and cumbersome for any vulnerable person, not that being vulnerable quite evidently weighs on their minds. Last Friday I signed a form, mistakenly in my haste to get shot, I have texted the site manager to scrap it as my work is not complete and we wouldn’t want the wrong figures to come out , would we ? DONT SIG

  43. Appropriate ID

    On Friday I had a phone call, to inform me that a number of the workers engaged in the ‘Decent Homes’ work when asked for ID were NOT in a position to produce it?

    I emailed NBC about this and I got back the following

    NBC response :-
    All our contractors are required to carry appropriate ID. All our contractors will be reminded of their responsibilities to ensure that their employees and any sub-contractors must carry appropriate identification or they will be asked to leave site.

  44. brett Sherborne says:

    I live at Godwin walk ryehill, we have had the year from hell thanks to lovells. Decent homes are an absolute farce. You are welcome to come and have a look at what they have done if you like. Email me at brett-belinda@hotmail.co.uk

  45. Now on my 11th week, ive put a formal complaint in, those wishing to see it and responses can email tmcnabb40@yahoo.co.uk ive had all work finished bar my pump for the shower, I think NASA must be designing it, considering its 11 weeks and i had no shower for periods of 5 and 11 days, I wont accuse them of forward thinking, ive again met with Kier Area Manager and Customer Services Head and will do so again in a couple of weeks, nobody has defended the indefensible, next post will be tomorrow evening , time we organised!

  46. How long does it take to fit a shower in working order,? well infinite if its this lot, my shower continues to drip, I put the shower head in my bathroom sink and it takes approx. 6 hrs to fill, I know we have floods, excess water, but I DO PAY FOR IT ,I informed the area manager via text by 8am this morning, also the council by phone, who ive to contact this afternoon if its not fixed, new pump still waiting,12 weeks later for NASA to design it, now another thing about this useless new shower, some herdsperson ( we are the herd ) decided to restrict the shower temperature, seems a one size fits all for the herd, as we are not individuals, I and I know of a couple of others, with pains who like to blast parts of their body with hot water, for me its my legs as it eases the pain & discomfort for a while, my previous shower was in perfect working order , and only 4 months old and properly installed ( waste ) by the council , and did the job perfectly, ive informed the area manager that’s my wish and solution. to have my old shower back, we will see. My replaced oven has been installed to standard by the council , it wasn’t by the Kier “pipe man” , ( safety) like those who dis-connected and re-connected , are they qualified to do so ? Seems the Council employees are now doing the clean up jobs Kier and Co botched, !

  47. Shower continues toleak 3/4 toilet flushes pe day,makers coming in 2 working days ,i should take up full immersion baptisms, do a Father Ted.

  48. As ive mentoned on previous comments the “Kier2” Head Honcho “customer” Dis-Service Maxime Wigley 07791920500 email maxime.wigley@kier.co.uk who like the Area Mis -Manager Steven Mellor 07791920956 email steven.mellor@kier.co.uk both last week promised to brush, clean, wash the mess left outside my home, well I,m still waiting, Now ive contacted steven yesterday morning about my shower, no response, on that or todays, as I know of others treated shabbily by him too, this will now go to @kiergroup on twitter if my shower temperature cant be raised to my liking not that of some ignoramus who decided we are,nt individuals, then i want my perfectly good shower re-installed. P I complained ( as others ) to Steven Mellor that the Northampton kier office didn’t answer the phone, i heard he allegedly gave them a bollocking , ive one waiting for him 🙂

  49. How long does it take to do a bathroom, well with one resident 3 days a couple of years ago, with a neighbour just recently ( not done by cowboy kier) 8 days , with kier and myself well how long is a piece of string? 🙂 I was told my new shower pump was ordered a couple of weeks ago ( I also knew they were as extinct as the Do – Do, two experts told me that ) well lo and behold I was graced by Kier last Friday with a council officer ( met 3 council officers and you wont hear me complaining ) they are going to do my bathroom over again, (they worked it out that it was a cowboy job and no pump , “almost”) during my lesson to Kier I pointed out the problems that existed from the backflow ,now done a year or so ago after much screaming, I also mentioned my bathroom floor level, one of their “intelligentsia ” said I would,nt need a pump, a few words from me and pump is a requisite. I requested the dates for this re-work to be carried out and completed ( lets hope it wont go to a 3rd time lucky ) ” April 22-24 was given, ( i should have got the year confirmed lol ) now a few weeks ago I signed in a moment of muddle a paper, I asked later by text , was it a signing off if so return as work is not completed ( ive4 the texts ) no response. Finally after the presence of the council officer, my bathroom blow heater was re-installed a new one the cowboys ripped out my previous 4month old one, ditto my kitchen strip lighting, ( waste ) & electric plug sealed , , I just have my fire surround and the bathroom re-make to go, i was told 3 /4 weeks , that translated means months, i will update on these outstanding issues later , lets hope the Kier “sensitive” that find my blog contentious, aren’t too distraught, 🙂 ps has the signing in and out of workers stopped it has in mine !

  50. Cllr stated compensation is available, does that include HEALTH, my question for the portfolio holder for the Full Council on April 28/04/14 is ” in light of the ongoing decent homes scandal, what health risk if any was carried out on residents” and particular our vulnerable residents ” Now ive drop foot both legs, wear supports, use a walking stick, when helped to get my sock and shoes on, arthritis base of spine, IBS Asthma and emphysema, my carers were withdrawn, but not the cared, I was offered after 8 weeks a hotel, I wont elaborate on that just now, I was on a course of anti-biotics for a chest infection, an ATOS doctor made an unannounced assessment visit , and it was cut short, for blindingly obvious reasons the council know about, and have done for a long time, normally one waits quite a while for a DWP response after an assessment, mine arrived 8 days later, i wont be having yearly assessments , but may in march 2017 , though highly unlikely according to the woman I contacted from the DWP, I await responses from my two questions on April18th ,I wonder if WE all affected so terribly, will get an apology ? Nobody from the council or Kier has even tried to defend the indefensible, I put in a formal complaint, the response seems to have gone awry, i will re-send this again, i,m confident there is more than enough for them to get the gist, and individuals both council and kier to discuss with ! ps I didn’t mention stress, perhaps its obvious in the blog. like disbelief, contempt and frustration 🙂

  51. Cllr. Mary Markham

    “It is inevitable that some problems will arise but the vast majority of customers are happy with the end product”

    Cabinet Member Report for Housing
    Northampton Borough Council
    28th April 2014

    Decent Homes
    The Decent Homes Programme has now entered the final year of funding and we have four contractors delivering approximately £1m of work every week. With such a large programme it is inevitable that some problems will arise but the vast majority of customers are happy with the end product, and we are working with both tenants and the contractors to ensure they meet their targets.

    • Irate Grandaughter says:

      A Cllr with barely over 20% of the vote, who is nowhere to be seen near my grans, and from what I have witnessed , it is disgusting ?

      • Irate Granddaughter , I and without doubt a host of others wholeheartedly agree with you, take the Cllrs statement for what it is, the real issue is the inhuman and degrading conditions etc , vulnerable elderly, sick, and disabled residents ,have been and still are been put through, when we hear that come from the mouths of those responsible , then we might well be on our way to getting them to understand and digest the meaning of decent ! yours a VERY IRATE TEDDY 🙂




  55. We are not people to some but at best “users” http://t.co/uvZ4WZqVei

  56. Daddy long legs says:

    Monday morning keir came and did 1 hours work been told not scheduled for electricians till next week, all the internet reviews and personal reviews have been 100% correct our expected nightmare is with us.

  57. trevormasters@rocketmail.com says:

    What a fantastic job Kier’s Electricians made of destroying my home, on the first day they put a massive hole in my bedroom ceiling and the plaster and insulation covered my bed from top to bottom, on the second day they tipped pint of liquid soap all over the second bed and went away leaving my front door wide open for at least 2 hours also my freezer was disconnected for about 30 hours and all the food had to be binned, the extractor fan is hanging off the wall and live cables were left exposed, so if you need your home destroyed please ask for Kier’s electricians.

  58. Sarah Jones says:

    Where do you get the kitchen cupboards from plz

  59. Sarah Jones says:

    Hi can anyone let me know where Keri got the kitchen cupboards from. As I need to get another one thanks.

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