Bad things come in threes

Bad things come in threes

 …this don’t sound good for Northampton Borough Council

 Cllr.Mary Markham

a)     Lorry licence error

b)     Bedroom Tax error

Could the third be maladministration?  

In the bedroom tax decision making process where local councils wrongly imposed the bedroom tax on the pre 1996 exempt cases it is easy to make the following arguments of maladministration.

  1. My local council failed to follow procedures and the law as if they had done then they would have seen the CPR 2006 regulations which is the law that exempts the pre 1996 cases.
  2. My local council failed to investigate my case as if they had done they would not have missed the pre 1996 issue found in CPR 2006 regulations.


For more read this from Joe Halewood



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