Should all Councillors have to take an IQ test?

Should all Councillors have to take an IQ test?

ANGERI have just attended a meeting at an NBC Scrutiny Panel 1 on the Welfare Reform Act; I am getting to the position of supporting that all standing for election should pass an IQ test


I have just sent the following email to all members of that Scrutiny Panel


As the chair of your committee seems to think it is very complicated

LETS TRY and do it as simple as possible

Who is affected?

Social housing tenants affected by the bedroom tax who have been living at the same address and entitled to claim housing benefit continuously since 1 January 1996

Is that simple enough for you?

THEN open link and carry on reading (or get some one to read it to you)

The Bedroom Tax Error Explained

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3 Responses to Should all Councillors have to take an IQ test?

  1. IQ Test they will think thats a Fashion Magazine 🙂

  2. Geoff Powers says:

    You have problems? You should come to Uttlesford DC and tune into the deliberations of our Planning Committee – with one or two honourable exceptions they are a bunch of ‘nut jobs’. One interlude in last Wednesday’s meeting occurred when a committee member asked the lead officer, during debate on a major housing development, for a definition of the word ‘sustainable’! I rest my case.

  3. Geoff Powers says:

    The answer to your question above is therefore, ‘Yes, most definitely!’ – with something like a ‘fitness to practice’ chit issued, annually renewable. The guy in question has been a member of the planning committee since at least 2010. How did he get this far??? Sooner or later he will be stopped by the police driving south on the northbound carriageway of the M1.

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