Just how engaged are tenants?



Just how engaged are tenants at large in the issue of the future of our housing stock?

 what the fuck

If the ITA website which as been wildly publicised is a indication then the impression given is NOT A LOT


With a total of 12,000 plus households in the NBC stock

  • Total number of tenants raising any question two
  • 31 issues raised
  • 30 of the treads are raised by the same tenant



Not all the questions asked are given a definitive response




On the 3rd September a tenant brings up the issue of employees pensions


On the 12th September is informed that the issue is a matter for the Council to comment on


What Northampton Defend Council know for fact is that on 2nd September the NBC Director of Housing in correspondence with the Department for Communities giving some significant barriers to transfer – most significantly the inability of the Council to meet its own set up costs incidental to the disposal and manage the pension deficit associated with transferring employees.


Upload the Director for housing letter 

Letter Response to Consultation on the Housing Transfer Manual (1)

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