TUC campaign to end right to buy!

NEWS? The Trades Union Congress will campaign to end the right to buy after delegates at its annual conference approved a motion on housing.

dch_logoWe see a motion like this approved each year and if a campaign ever takes place it certainly don’t have much traction with the Labour Party or the current government.


The motion called on the TUC general council to campaign for:


·         A huge expansion in the building of council and social housing


·         an immediate end to the right to buy and homes that are sold replaced like for like



Some local facts from Northampton Defend Council Housing:


Since April 2012 Northampton Borough Council have sold 72 properties (July 2013) over 80% being two or three bed roomed  





3 bedroom



2 bedroom



1 bedroom



4 bedroom



5 bedroom




[i] Source Information request NBC 1022-836

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One Response to TUC campaign to end right to buy!

  1. Mick Patrick says:

    The currant scheme being pushed by government of 75K discount only replaces 50% to affordable housing if lucky

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