Reducing the cost of Bed and Breakfast accommodation

Considerable mission creep?


Reducing the cost of Bed and Breakfast accommodation through use of Council Housing.


Documents in the public domain state:


‘Our Housing solutions and housing landlord services teams will be utilising some council owned properties in 2012/13 for housing the homeless’


‘The use of council accommodation not only provides homeless people with accommodation that is generally of better quality than B&B but also represents a cost effective solution to housing homeless people, thus reducing the reliance on the use of expensive B&B accommodation.’


The document states that the current proposal is to identify 15 properties and it calculated that the savings would be £100,000.


Northampton Defend Council Housing comments:


There seems to be considerable mission creep in July 2013 a Freedom of Information request (NBC1022-645) identified 39 council properties were being used for temporary accommodation.


If 15 properties are calculated to give savings of £100,000 we can only estimate that 39 would give a saving of £260,000



If the council was to Transfer its housing stock it would loss the flexibility of how to use the stock and any savings that flexibility gives?


See the attached PDF for more detail…



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