Thatcher and the £10m to send her off?

We oppose the bedroom tax


I personally have no problem with burial of the dead at public cost; Northampton and other local authorities do it all year.


In March we (NBC) did three for an average cost of £1,430 each

Expense Type  
Burial of Dead  



Transaction Number  Amount











Total for the three


Average cost




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2 Responses to Thatcher and the £10m to send her off?

  1. teddymcnabb says:

    NBC in its usual incompetence named the deceased online. a while back

    • Dear Mr McNabb – Should the council publish the cost, its yes to that one, should councils publish the name of the deceased to that I agree with you Mr McNabb it should be a big NO, Have the council (NBC) ever published the names of deceased, well yes it was done in January and February last year on data published on all spending of over £500. It was taken down and the names removed after we (DCH) contacted them.

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