Do NBC know the meaning of OPEN?

Do NBC know the meaning of OPEN?

 Tenant Scrutiny Open Day?

Tenant Scrutiny

Northampton Council make reference in reports and the press, containing Tenant representatives when in fact they are Tenants SELECTED by the Council and it would seem you may have problems finding who the SO CALLED representatives actually are?

The Council was recently asked about Tenants Involved in a evaluation process see the response below:

Information Request NBC1022–207/13


In response to your request regarding the names of Tenants involved in the evaluation process for the Phase 3 Decent Homes contracts.  Please see Northampton Borough Council’s response below.

The Council has considered your request in some depth. On one hand are the arguments concerning public accountability and on the other are the arguments around personal data and the health and safety of the volunteers.

Although the arguments are finely balanced the Council does not believe it is in the wider public interest to release the names of the residents performing this task into the public domain under FOI. However this decision does not mean that the names cannot be made know to other local residents by other means, it just means that their names should not be made public in the same way an employee of the Council would expect their name to be published.

In the first instance please contact the department managing the decent homes work.


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