The proverbial is about to hit the fan

ANGERThe proverbial is about to hit the fan

More than 67,000 pensioners could be hit by the bedroom tax – despite the government’s insistence the controversial policy will only apply to people of working age.


Read what Joe Halewood as to say:

Pensioners rely on Age UK and Michael Parkinson, June Whitfield and Dame Joan Bakewell to inform them and to promote their case in all government changes. Yet they are silent and it’s not a case of you having presbyacusis (age-related deafness or going a bit mutton as you get older.) It’s a case of the hugely powerful older persons lobbies not knowing what is about to happen in just over 8 weeks!! Joe Halewood

link to Joe Halewood article


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5 Responses to The proverbial is about to hit the fan

  1. mousegran says:

    I see from another of your pages (The ‘bedroom tax, how it works) that 660,000 will be subject to the bedroom tax.
    Maths isn’t a strong point of mine, but if 67,000 pensioners are (potentially) going to be hit, that means that somewhere around 10% of those hit by this penalty will be pensioners, right?

    That’s quite a large percentage that government ministers have chosen to ignore in their lies about pensioners being protected!

    “10% of those hit by bedroom tax will be pensioners” – if the newspapers were to run that as a headline, perhaps people would finally start to take notice of what is about to happen.

  2. mousegran says:

    Yes, but even in their denial, they are still hiding the reality – as Joe Halewood was quick to point out, those ‘existing’ claimants who are supposedly protected will become ‘new claimants’ if there is a change of circumstances.

    And what about those mixed-age pensioner couples who have not yet claimed Pension Credit, even though their income would make them eligible? Or those where the older partner becomes a pensioner after April? They will be hit by this. They are/will be pensioners, with the same needs as other pensioners, so why are the age-support groups not putting up a fight on their behalf?

  3. Norman Adams says:

    Totally agree:
    Those who are supposedly protected, would NOT be if there is a change of circumstances.

    And we need to see more age support groups joining the fight

  4. mousegran says:

    Update: The DWP has just sent me the following definition of ‘Change of Circumstances’, so I think it’s fair to say that most mixed-age couples will have some form of change in circumstances in the near future:

    “A change of circumstances is a change that affects the records that are currently held by the department for a claimant. For example, a change in circumstances could be an increase/decrease in income, savings or capital, or a non-dependent coming to stay with the claimant for a period of time. ”

    Will such a change of circumstances lead to a couple losing their ‘protected’ status? Who knows – that remains to be seen!

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