Gilding the Lily?

what the fuck

Over £2,000,000 of homes recovered by Council fraud team

I note that the term ‘could be is used’ I would question the average value of £150,000, I would be surprised if ANY of them have a market value of £150,000?

If we go down the road of Transferring the Northampton Borough Council (NBC) Housing Stock – We are sure the question of Flogging our houses on the cheap will be a issue.

Most tenants in a recent failed Transfer attempt at Swindon were amazed to hear that the Council was prepared to sell the homes (to a Housing Association) for a meagre £6,400 each. This is a fraction of the real value. The reason the price was so low was because it was rigged to enable the Housing Association sufficient money for its business plan. So the price is not set by any objective criteria, but to suit the transfer ‘guarantees’ and their ‘business plan’.

Back to this average value of £150,000 (NBC claim see link)

Going by emails from NBC we have:

a)     Since 1st July there have been 33 RTB sales.

b)     Between 1st April 2012 and 31st December 2012, the average discount applied has been 45%.

So £150,000 x a =

Discount  £     67,500.00
Paid  £     82,500.00
Paid x 33  £ 2,722,500.00

What has been the Capital from RTB and what as been done with it? Will keep you posted…on how much the Lilly as been gilded

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2 Responses to Gilding the Lily?

  1. teddymcnabb says:

    Mr Adams and not a Pupsqueak from the 45 Blue, Red &, Yellow Tory Councillors, perhaps when the Hibernation Season Ends eh!

  2. Mick Patrick says:

    £68B from privatisation /RTB.
    No legislation to improve Private tenants rights or to bring down Private rents
    this more about protecting Business & Profit.
    we can & must invest in council housing as we did historicly
    Harlow DCH

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