RIP Mr Fred O’Donnell

fred in pub


Northampton DCH was sorry to hear the news, we, along with many others, greatly admired Fred and his willingness to stand up, to make his voice heard and to be counted in the fight against injustice and for fairness in society.



From the interview on Panorama (see and follow link below)


Mr O’Donnell said his protest is in part to benefit generations who have not yet experienced the vulnerability of old age, people in their 20s, 30, even up to 60.

“They’re probably sitting at home watching the telly or going out having a pint or a smoke and all that. They’re in good health, no worries, no aches, no pain. But when they get older, suddenly these things come about, don’t they?

“I hope the younger people are listening to this, it’s then you’ll suddenly look round for somebody to look after you or to try to help you.”



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One Response to RIP Mr Fred O’Donnell

  1. Tony Clarke says:

    Fred was a true gentleman, and a fighter to the end, if we could but just muster an ounce of Fred’s fighting spirit and then share it around, the poor and the silent might just again find their voices. Sleep Well Comrade

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