A gag in Council speak is a time limit?

same message

It would seem that the Council are now considering time limiting items on the Agenda at the Tenant Panel Meetings?

If this is the case would that not bring into question the Council claim “ They are able to express their views and concerns on behalf of the tenants of Northampton.” and “They are actively encouraged to ask questions and make suggestions to the Review team.”

Norman Adams member of the Housing Options Panel (personal comments)

Follow this link to see what/if the Independent Tenant Advisor (ITA) as any thing to add?

THIS is what the Council states:

Q. Do tenants and leaseholders have the chance to influence which option is selected?

A. A group of tenant representatives currently form the Tenant Panel who are being taken through the process with the council. They are able to express their views and concerns on behalf of the tenants of Northampton. Five of these representatives will be elected onto the Housing Options Panel and they will be available to raise comments and issues with the Panel on your behalf. The Council will be consulting and engaging with all stakeholders during the project. The Tenant Panel have also appointed an Independent Tenant Advisor who will be available to provide information and advice to tenants and leaseholders throughout the Options Review process.
Options Review Engagement Channels
The following engagement groups meet regularly and have been set up specifically for the Review:
Employee Focus Group
Tenants’ Panel
Housing Options Panel
The groups are in place to ensure tenants, employees, and Councillors have their views heard and the opportunity to participate in the Review. They are actively encouraged to ask questions and make suggestions to the Review team. The groups are provided with training to enable them to participate and the ITA is present to ensure that information provided is factually correct. Details of these groups are shown below.




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One Response to A gag in Council speak is a time limit?

  1. I would hope it don’t have to happen, BUT there is a mechanism if the Panel at any stage should lose confidence in relation to the chairing of meetings, I don’t feel members will put up with this we MUST MOVE ON, Tenant Participation is not a spectator sport, ALL must be allowed at least one bit of the cherry on a agenda issue, that tenants are again proving that they are not as uninterested as many would like to believe, but a growing Panel (now about 35) will mean a smaller Agenda (in the time span) unless many are to feel there are just making up the numbers.

    The mechanism is in the Terms of Reference:

    Chair and Vice-Chair

    In order to place a vote of no confidence in the Chair or Vice-Chair, a written request must be submitted not less than 7 days ahead of the Panel meeting and the request should be signed by at least 6 members of the Panel. In the event of a majority of the Panel supporting a No Confidence motion, the person to whom the vote refers must resign.

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