Funding of £1.9m BUT you can’t know the details

Funding of £1.9m BUT you can’t know the details

We requested the bid and any supporting statements in relation to the councils Empty Homes funding.

In response to our request we are informed that’s commercial information and could harm the commercial interests.

The portfolio holder for housing (23 April) will report to the council meeting

Empty Homes Funding

The Council has been awarded £1.9m to bring 105 empty properties back into use as affordable housing. This was the 11th highest funding awarded in the country. The programme to deliver the 105 properties will happen in stages over a three-year period from April 2012 to March 2015. Properties need to meet the criteria of being privately owned and vacant for more than six months. There are currently around 900 properties that fall into this category in Northampton.

The council is currently identifying the 105 properties suitable for the scheme and these are likely to range from flats to family houses in different areas of Northampton. Once finished, rents will be set according to the government’s new Affordable Homes programme at 80% of market rents, and the properties will be allocated to people with housing needs on the council’s housing register.

More to follow….

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