Northampton Defend Council Housing Void Watch

 Paget House

We have been monitoring this for some time we put out a press release on the numbers standing empty with no tenants, and no rental income, pointing out that we need more homes.

What we need is more Council Housing

What we don’t need is crocodile tears and hand wringing

Are we (NBC) making the best use of the housing stock we currently have?

Questions were being asked at Council meetings raising our concerns about a growing housing register while we had a building with forty-one of its flats standing empty and not appearing to be advertised for people to bid for via the Choice Based lettings system.

Northampton Defend Council Housing view on this was

  • We should not have housing stock without tenants, standing empty if we have people on the waiting list willing to move into them.
  • We should be taking rent and council tax on all our stock.
  • We would support any person(s) taking direct action and occupying the property if this council is not putting them in the bidding rounds.

Northampton Defend Council Housing

Void Watch

Today is PLEASED to be able to report that Paget House (according to our findings) is now fully occupied (apart from one) and we assume taking rent, for people who can’t recall in January 2011 forty-one were not tenanted.

The facts:

2011  07-Jan             41

2011  07-Feb             41

2011  07-Mar             37

2011  07-Apr             29

2011  07-May            22

2011  07-Jun             22

2011  07-Jul              22

2011  07-Aug             20

2011  07-Sep            20

2011  07-Oct             20

2011  07-Nov            20

2011  07-Dec            11

2012  07-Jan             8

2012  07-Feb             8

2012  07-Mar             2

2012  07-Apr             1

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